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Colorful fields full of movement reminiscent of parts of landscapes or marine views,

abstract shapes that intrigue the eye and make it dance over the entire surface.

They are involving the spectator almost physically due to their dimensions which can exceed the viewer's body and occupy a good part of the visual field,

Emotionally they are not shy at all, and they impose their character in a particular way.

They can lend an atmosphere of light or cheerfulness to their surroundings, and will draw your attention often to be explored, or even for a meditative tour.

Measures range from one meter to two meters or more per side.

 Miele di Lavanda, mixed media abstract landscape 79x112cm
acrylis painting on canvas abstract landscape
modern mixed media abstract painting on canvas
mixed media abstract painting canvas
acrylic abstract landscape canvas
acrilico su tela paesaggio astratto
Abstract flower field Megyeri Krisztina Mykriart
abstract seascape blu white red stripes Krisztina Megyeri
acrylic abstract modern landscape canvas
Sold abstract painting Krisztina Megyeri
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