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The little ones

they are small paintings created in series of 4, 6 or 8 canvases that I start together and then develop in a similar way, though maintaining each its own life and nature. Being a big fan of 'the little prince' in many of them you will find my translation of the various worlds in the colors and impressions of abstract landscapes.

I add various layers of color and graphic marks to obtain also on this small scale, a result that is attractive to the eye, both from afar and from close to observe in detail.

Good vision!

small abstract landscape
Krisztina Megyeri Mykriart abstrct landscape
 beautiful mixed media abstract landscape
mixed media art Krisztina Megyeri
Krisztina Megyeri abstract landscape modern art new
abstract landscape Megyeri Krisztina
mykriart Krisztina Megyeri abstract colorful painting landscape
mykriart Krisztina Megyeri Abstract painting landscape colorful
abstract landscape Megyeri Krisztina cricriart
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